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Turducken Reviews

Turducken Reviews

Have you tried a turducken yet?

This is a question that is getting asked more often in online forums, on social media, and even in the real world. Turduckens have been around for many years now, and are quickly gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, turduckens are not readily available at most local supermarkets, so the best place to find one is online.

At Cajun Crawfish, we feel that we have the best turduckens available online, and our customers seem to agree! Here are just a few of the turducken reviews and comments we have received from our satisfied customers. 


This Turducken was the best! It was so moist. A perfect combination of flavors. Our neighbors stopped by to tell us happy Thanksgiving. They tried a bite…. wow! - Carlie, Texas

We send turduckens as customer gifts! We have people checking to make sure they are on the list! It definitely gives us bragging rights.Tom, Pennsylvania

I’m all about easy. I never got the cooking bug like my sisters. I panic when it is my turn to cook. No more. These turduckens are not only delicious, but easy… even I can cook them. - Jan, Arizona


As you can see, our turduckens are a big hit with our customers. But don’t just take our word – or theirs – for it. We have delicious cornbread stuffed turduckens and seafood stuffed turduckens available to ship. Enjoy one at your next holiday meal or even your next Sunday get-together. And let us know what you think! We would love to hear your review of our Cajun turduckens and our business in general so we can continue to improve and impress our customers in the future!