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How to Purge Crawfish

We Clean Crawfish

Don’t waste salt.

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The old wives tale of rinsing crawfish in salt water is a waste of your time and salt. Crawfish excrete waste through their gills, and this takes time. A short rinse is great for cleaning existing waste, but the salt will not cause them to purge themselves. So rinse your crawfish well, but save your salt. We recommend submerging the sack in fresh water multiple times until used water is clear. The box they come in is a great tool for this purpose.

All of our crawfish are
washed & purged.

Very few do it like we do.

A true cleaned crawfish is one that has been washed with fresh super oxygenated water for at least 14 hours. This process was developed originally as a way to hold inventory. It was soon discovered that the crawfish purged itself from fasting in fresh clear water. This process is expensive and labor intensive and is only practiced by a few of the very best producers.

We ship them when they are just right!

Our crawfish remain in this hyper-environment until they are shipped… literally up until to the last minute. The crawfish coming out of the tanks are super healthy with all the weak and or dead crawfish removed by hand. This means we only ship the very best, super clean, super lively product available. This process improves the shelf life dramatically, therefore our crawfish live longer.