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You can trace our crawfish roots all the way back to 1972 (or 1886)

When Mike (10 yrs old) and Mark Fruge (8 yrs old) were hungry for live crawfish, they were caught fishing for crawfish on property farmed by a neighbor, “Cotton” Andrus. He was none too happy to find the boys fishing in his crawfish pond, but they “thought they had permission” …just not from the farmer. Scared and still hungry, the boys run home and vow never to cross that fence again.

boy fishing

Fast forward to 1983

Mike and Mark are still hungry for live crawfish and have no money while working their way through college. They settle on a plan hatched by Mike. The plan is to start their own live crawfish farm (and get Mark to do all the work) to pay their way through college.

The plan? Well let's just say that Mark didn't like doing all the work and they really couldn't afford to eat the crawfish they caught, but 31 years later, the Frugé Boys are an overnight success.

To this day...

boat fishing

Mark continues to grow the farm in acres and quality. They have added rice to the mix, and now farm 1500 acres of rice and 1500 acres of crawfish. In 1989 Mike started a small route selling crawfish to restaurants far and wide. Today what started in the back of a pickup truck is a full service seafood company covering major markets in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Now, we can ship live crawfish directly to your door after you order them online. Who says we're not with the times?

Lots of people like to brag about being the biggest or the oldest or whatever. We're not sure about all that, but what we can tell you is that we are real people and real farmers. Mark still runs the farm and Mike runs the company. We plow dirt and own the tractors.  We run the boats that catch the crawfish. Our family has farmed right here in Branch, LA since 1886. #farm2table