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Fresh Louisiana Crawfish

When people think of Louisiana, one of the first things that come to mind is Mardi Gras, swamps, and crawfish. When it comes to the history and economy of Louisiana, all three of these play an important part to our state’s success. In fact, nothing symbolizes Louisiana and Cajun culture more than the crawfish.

Fresh Louisiana Crawfish

Crawfish are Louisiana History

The history of Louisiana crawfish goes back a long way. Even before the Cajuns arrived in our great state, the Indian tribes would harvest and consume crawfish by bating reeds with venison and then pick the reeds up out of the water with the crawfish still attached. When the Cajuns arrived, they began to develop their own way of catching crawfish, starting with nets back in the 1930s and then upgrading to the traps we still use today in the 1950s.

Today crawfish are raised in commercial farms, and there is actually a science to how to get the biggest, most flavorful specimens possible. Crawfish farms are important to Louisiana’s economy, bringing in billions of dollars a year in revenue for our farmers and storeowners.

What are crawfish?

Known as crawdads, mudbugs, and even crayfish, Louisiana crawfish are a close relative of the lobsters often found around Maine, though their meat is a little more tender and they have a distinct flavor. They even look like tiny lobster, as you can see in the image below. One big difference between crawfish and lobsters is the fact that the tiny cousin are fresh water animals, making them a little easier to catch and more abundant. 

The Crawfish Boil

While there are many ways to cook and eat crawfish, from etouffees to gumbo, the most popular way to cook and enjoy these tiny delicacies is the crawfish boil, More than simply a time to eat, the Louisiana crawfish boil is a celebration where family and friends come together during the spring and summer months to feast on pounds of crawfish, jambalaya, corn, potatoes and drink. During a crawfish boil, people will share stories, play music, dance, and laugh until the sun drops below the horizon and possibly much longer.

Where to Buy Louisiana Crawfish

Well, if you’re in Louisiana, this is probably not much of an issue and you will find someone selling live crawfish around every corner during the crawfish season. However, crawfish are loved by Louisiana natives and others from around the country and many people crave the taste of home. Fortunately, Cajun Crawfish offers free shipping on quality, live Louisiana crawfish so you can enjoy them even when you can’t get to the state. Another great advantage? Our live crawfish ship out the very next day!