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The History of King Cakes

A Louisiana Mardi Gras Tradition

Mardi Gras is a very special time down here in Louisiana. Cajuns and other Louisianans across the state wait in anticipation each year for the start of Carnival.  There are a number of celebrations during this time of year – from parades to parties – but none is more popular than the King Cake.

history of king cakes

 Religious Beginnings

Mardi Gras season officially begins on January 6, which is known in the Christian faith as Twelfth Night, or King’s Day, or the date theta the Magi visited the baby Jesus.  The celebration of this event has taken many forms over the years, but one of the most popular is the King Cake, in honor of the three kings.

King cakes are usually oval-shaped in order to symbolize the unity of the different faiths, and each cake is decorated in traditional Mardi Gras colors - green represents faith, purple represents justice, and gold represents power. Inside each king cake is a small baby, which represents the baby Jesus.

What’s In a King Cake 

Today, King Cakes are made from a variety of wonderful ingredients, but the traditional King Cake is fairly basic. Made from twisted strands of cinnamon-flavored dough, covered by liquefied sugar and sprinkled with green, purple, and gold sugar, “traditional” King Cakes are perfect the way they are.

As a culture, however, we do like to innovate, and King Cakes are no different. Today, you can find King Cakes with a variety of flavored fillings, such as cream cheese, raspberry, chocolate and more!

While the King Cake has a history steeped in the Christian faith, you will be hard-pressed to find a more decadent treat. In Louisiana, King Cakes and Mardi Gras are a match made in heaven and thousands of King Cakes are consumed every year.

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