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H is for Holy Trinity

H is for Holy Trinity- Abc's of Cajun Cooking, Celery Onions and Bell pepper

The Cajun Holy Trinity or just Holy Trinity is a term used in Cajun and Creole cooking to describe the group of three essential aromatic vegetables: onion, bell pepper and celery. These three items are the base mixture for most recipes such as gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, sauces, stews and more.

The Term holy Trinity is appropriate in New Orleans culture where Christianity and Catholicism are so prevalent.
Just as the Father, SOn and Holy Spirit are the core of Christianity, Celery, Onion and Bell Pepper are at the core of Cajun Cooking.

You want me to Suck What?

For those of us accustomed to Eating crawfish, the saying “pinch the tail and suck the head” is simply a phrase that illustrates how to eat those little mudbugs. But to those not used to eating Louisiana crawfish, these instructions will likely come as a surprise, or may even offend!
Even among veteran crawfish eaters, there are those who simply won’t suck the crawfish’s head. I guess I can unnderstand their hesitance to stick the head of this bright red, half-bug, half alien-looking creature in your mouth, but one you do you’ ll understand exactly crawfish lovers do it. That explosion of juicy cajun goodness you get from sucking the head is hard to beat! So the next time someone asks you to “suck the head” don’t get offended, just do it. You can thank us later!

Pinch Dat Tail and Suck Dat Head

Crawfish - Pinch dat Tail, Suck dat Head

Those of you familiar with crawfish know exactly what this saying means. But to everyone else out there, let me just say that it has nothing to do with the opposite sex.
What is the meaning of this cryptic phrase? Why, it’s non other than the exact advise you need to know how to eat a boiled crawfish!

As most of you know, the best part of the crawfish is the tail. That’s where most of the meat is. The pinch refers to the action (actually a pinch and a twist) that you need to take to release this tasty mudbug morsel from it’s red armored shell.  For some, this is the end of their crawfish experience, but for the rest of us adventurous eaters we know that the spicy Cajun juices and flavors are hidden in the front half, or the head, of the crawfish. This is the sucking part. “Sucking the Head” may not be for the faint-of-heart, but it’s well worth the risk as it may just be the most flavorful suck you ever embark on! If you want a further explanation of how this is all done, here’s detailed one: How To Peel & Eat Crawfish.

Enjoy and Laissez les crawfish rouler!

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Nice Piece of Tail

Nice piece of Tail, Crawfish tail

Here at CajunCrawfish.com we love the whole crawfish. We love the color, shape, claws, and we even love their beady little eyes. But if there’s one pat of these Louisiana mudbugs we love the most, its the tail! After all, tails is where the meat is! We love them so much we think their downright sexy. We love crawfish tails, and who doesn’t love a nice piece of tail?

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F is for Filé – the ABC’s of Cajun Cooking

F is for Filé - The ABC's of Cajun Cooking

Flé powder, (or Gumbo filé powder) is a necessity for cooking authentic Cajun cuisine. It is also essential in Creole cooking.  Made from the powdered leaves of the sassafras tree, Filé has a cooling smell, reminiscent of eucalyptus crossed with juicy fruit gum. Filé powder is used for its unique flavor and aroma as much as it is used as a thickening agent for Soups and stews, especially Gumbo.