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Question & Answer: If the crawfish season starts early, will it end early?

Not necessarily. Many factors play a role in the wrap up of the crawfish harvest, including water quality and temperature. If we experience a milder-than-usual May and early June, the harvest could continue a bit longer than normal. But if May gets really hot and June is even hotter, the mudbugs will usually burrow down below the ponds and effectively end the season. We can tell pretty quickly by working the traps daily when the catch starts to diminish. But only Mother Nature and the crawfish themselves know when the season will officially end. Every year we try to make it through the end of June, but we keep our customers posted as it winds down.

Question & Answer: Do you deliver through June?

If we have available crawfish, we’ll give it our best try! The crawfish themselves really determine how long the season lasts: it all depends on how hot our south Louisiana summer cranks up. If it gets hotter earlier, many times the crawfish will burrow down and become harder to catch, effectively ending the season. But if the heat holds off and the water quality in our ponds remains strong, the season could go all the way through June. Only Mother Nature and the mudbugs themselves know exactly when the season will end!