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How to Boil Crawfish

To receive a big box of live wiggling, jiggling, snaping, crawfish on your doorstep is super exciting, but to some it can also be a little intimidating. Many folks wonder; what do I do with them now?  Over the years many people have asked us how to boil live crawfish.  We shot this video to show you just how easy it can be!

The follwing video takes place in real time, and features our own Ed Guidry showing you exactly how to boil a big sack of crawfish. All you need is a pot that’s big enough* (with a lid), and the means to bring that pot to a boil. We’ll send you the crawfish, the seasoning and instructions on what to do.
The only other thing you may need is two bags of ice. The ice is put on the freshly cooked crawfish to add extra flavor to the crawfish, making them spicier.  This last part is totally optional.

**A 60 quart pot is the perfect size to cook a sack (30 lbs) of crawfish. If you use a 24 quart, then only put 10 – 15 lbs in at a time.


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